Grooming Salon

Here at Battlestar, we are pawrents too! That is why we know how important it is for our pets to be entrusted in the right hands. We offer a range of customised services, and ensure that only grooming products and equipment of the highest quality are used right here at our facility. Regardless if you are looking for a weekly maintenance, basic grooming, full grooming, or even to pamper your furkid with one of our organic herbal spas, we are here to provide the best possible experience for you and your furkids!

Grooming Rates

 *All prices here are indicative and subjected to temperament, condition of coat, breed, style and any additional service add ons.*

Basic Grooming

Basic Grooming is inclusive of Showering, Shaving of paw pads, Plucking Inner Ear Fur, Deep Ear Cleaning, Nail Clipping/Filing, Shaving of Anal Fur/Underbelly Fur, Clearing of Anal Gland, Blowing and Fluffing